How to: Add Rencore to Microsoft Flow

It is now possible to incorporate Rencore Analysis to Microsoft Flow. This article will explain how to setup Rencore's analysis.

You can either add Rencore analysis to an existing flow by adding a new step or create a new as we will cover in this article.

  1. First, you will need to do is log into Microsoft Flow with your existing user credentials.
  2. Now click on "My Flows" and then "Create from Blank".
  3. Setup your flow to the point where you want Rencore to analyze your file. For example:
    • Create a step that uses the "OneDrive for Business" action "When a file is created" and set the specific folder in your OneDrive. (e.g. /Solutions)
  4. Add another Step, this time type "Rencore" to the Search and click on "Analyze the contents of the specified file" by Rencore.
    • Click on the "File Contents" field and select the dynamic content "File content".FLOW-Add-FileContent_1045x624.png
    • Next, click on the "File name" field and select "File name" on the new screen that appears.FLOW-Add-FileName_1031x643.png
  5. Finally, to produce the reports click on "New Step" on the search bar type "Create file" and select the action for OneDrive for Business.
    • Click on the "Folder Path" field and set your desired folder. (e.g. /Reports) 
    • Click on the "File Name" field and select the dynamic content "File name", enter .html (as the reports will be generated in HTML) directly after it.FLOW-Create-FileName_619x233.png
    • Click on the "File Content" field and then click on "see more" to list all available dynamic contents. Select the dynamic content "Body".FLOW-Create-Body_1031x394.png
  6. Click "Save".


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