How to: Add Additional Environments?

It is possible to analyze and govern many environments with AnalysisCloud (depending on the plan you have purchased).

Assuming you have added your first environment, the process to add additional environments is very similar.

  1. Once logged into your AnalysisCloud portal you will see your existing environment, below this, there is a button to "Add new environment", click this button.Analysis-Additional-Add_1920x633.png

  2. A side Panel (as shown below) will appear. As with adding your first Environment, you will need to give your new environment a; a Name, Select its Environment type, enter the Tenant Administration URL, and agree to our Terms of Services. Analysis-Additional-Details_434x438.png

  3. Once all the details are complete click on the "Add Environment" button.

  4. You will be sent to your SharePoint Tenant Admin and are requested to grant permission for Please read this fully and click the "Accept" button.Analysis-Additional-Accept_433x624.PNG

Back in your AnalysisCloud portal, the additional environment will be set up,  click the "Run" button, to perform your first analysis for this new environment.

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