How to: Install your license key

Note: This article is intended for SPTRansformator versions onwards. Previous versions does not require a License Key. 

To be able to unlock analyses in SPTransformator you must apply a SPTransformator license key. This key is a cryptic text that is usually delivered by email. The following sections describe how to install this license key on your computer so that it can be found by SPTransformator.

Note: When copying the license key from your email, please ensure to copy only the key, the license key will normally start with "0x0".

1. Start SPTransformator. SPTRANSFORMATOR-Licenses_-Start_1200x800.png

2. In the header of the application click on the "Manage Licenses" icon. SPTRANSFORMATOR-Licenses_-Manage_1200x800.png

3.On the "Manage Licenses" Page click the "Add Licenses Key" button. SPTRANSFORMATOR-Licenses_-Add_1200x800.png

4.Paste your license key into the text field and click "Add License". SPTRANSFORMATOR-Licenses_-Save_1200x800.png

5.After successful installation of the key, your license is displayed in the section "Manage Licenses" SPTRANSFORMATOR-Licenses_-Success_1200x800.png

Now your license has been applied to SPTransformator.

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