Release Notes - SPCAF (2018-01-29)

In this release, we now have support for Visual Studio 2017, increased the rules supported in SonarQube and improve on the rule list for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and SPCAF.

New Features

  • Updated the list of SPCAF rules available in SonarQube to match SPCAF.
  • Updated severity mappings between SPCAF and SonarQube.
  • Added SharePoint Framework rules to the SPCAF SonarQube plugin.
  • Added AngularJS rules to the SPCAF SonarQube plugin.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Added a set of rules detecting JavaScript libraries used in SharePoint Framework client-side web parts.
  • Add support for analyzing SharePoint Framework extensions.
  • Added support for analyzing contents of inline JavaScripts.
  • Improved accuracy of determining performance quality of external scripts referenced in a SharePoint Framework solution.
  • Changed IDs of SharePoint Framework Inventory rules.


  • Fixed issue with suppression not working for None-Generated Rules in complex JS Files.
  • Fixed an exception in SPCAF.Rules.PowerShell.DoNotUsePositionalParameters caused by SPCAF.Rules.PowerShell.
  • Fixed an issued where SPC019104 was not flagging all functions as errors.
  • Fixed issued with SPC019105 identifying errors for both function and code (when the code is correct).
  • Fixed incorrect wording of exception message to correctly match the error.
  • Fixed an issue where Angular errors could be reported twice under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the selection of multiple files for analysis.
  • Fixed an issue where .zip and .ps1 files could not be selected directly.
  • Corrected invalid URL's linked in the rules documentation.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.

New Rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • Inventory
    • SPF810101 : Project configuration references AngularJS.
    • SPF810102 : Project configuration references jQuery.
    • SPF810103 : Project configuration references Knockout.
    • SPF810104 : Project configuration references React.
    • SPF810105 : Project configuration references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810106 : Project configuration references Handlebars.
    • SPF810701 : Client side web part manifest references AngularJS.
    • SPF810702 : Client side web part manifest references jQuery.
    • SPF810703 : Client side web part manifest references Knockout.
    • SPF810704 : Client side web part manifest references React.
    • SPF810705 : Client side web part manifest references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810706 : Client side web part manifest references Handlebars.
    • SPF810801 : JavaScript file references AngularJS.
    • SPF810802 : JavaScript file references jQuery.
    • SPF810803 : JavaScript file references Knockout.
    • SPF810804 : JavaScript file references React.
    • SPF810805 : JavaScript file references ReactDOM.
    • SPF810806 : JavaScript file references Handlebars

New Rules for JavaScript

  • Code Quality
    • SPC048901 : JavaScript file uses SharePoint REST API.
    • SPC048902 : JavaScript file uses SPService.
    • SPC048903 : JavaScript file uses SharePoint JavaScript Object Model.
    • SPC048904 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph REST API.
    • SPC048905 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph beta REST API.
    • SPC048906 : JavaScript file uses Microsoft Graph v1.0 REST API.
    • SPC048907 : JavaScript uses Microsoft Graph SDK.
    • SPC048908 : JavaScript file uses SP PnP JS.
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