Which licensing options are available for SPCAF?

The SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) is a framework that currently consists of 5 different analysis components.

  1. Code Quality checks the code for violations against quality rules (over 610), including SSOM, CSOM, XML, JavaScript, CSS and much more.
  2. Code Metrics calculates 80 SharePoint-specific code metrics to measure the complexity of the code and track changes.
  3. Code Dependencies reports 63 dependency types between the SharePoint artifacts (like Features, Content Types etc.) external components.
  4. Code Inventory creates a detailed documentation of 46 components in the SharePoint packages.
  5. Migration Assessment provides guidance how to migrate your SharePoint farm solution to the App model based on the information gathered by all modules.

Each of these components runs in Visual Studio, a client application, build systems like Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Online or TeamCity, MSBuild, Command Line and PowerShell.

SPCAF is available in three editions

  1. SPCAF Developer, licensed by user and includes only the Code Quality analysis component, the Visual Studio integration and the client application,
  2. SPCAF Professional, licensed by user, includes all analysis components, the Visual Studio integration and the client application,
  3. SPCAF Build, licensed by server, includes TFS Build Activities, an MSBuild task, command line application and a PowerShell CmdLet to integrate SPCAF.

For a detailed feature comparison of all licensing options please have a look at the Feature Comparison Chart.

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