Release Notes - SPCAF 6.0.5 (2015-11-02)

Major release with many improvements, new features, new CSOM rules, improved desktop UI and many more.

New Features

New Rules (Full Trust and CSOM)


  • Ability to change installation folder during installation
  • Added Application Insights in analysis engine
  • Reports in trial mode show more information (every third notification is not displayed)


  • Fix in dependencies for .ASPX and ASCX page to ignore HTML and ASP.NET comments code during analysis
  • Fixed rule 'SPC015705 DeployMissingRibbonImageOfCustomAction', rule was not mapping {SiteUrl} correctly
  • Fix in handling of ignored files: Some rules analyzed files which are part of "IgnoredFiles" list
  • Added more details to FxCop messages, e.g. method and type of violation
  • Hotfix 2015-11-02: Added handling for assemblies which cannot be loaded due to special obfuscation
  • Hotfix 2015-11-02: Update Razor engine to solve special issue with empty report
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