What are the Features of SPTransformator?

SPTransformator provides full customization discovery on your farm, detailed analysis, tailored guidance, planning assistance and automagic code transformation of farm and sandboxed solutions to the Add-in model, the SharePoint Framework and beyond.

SPTransformator aids the migration of code using the following features:

Discover all Customizations in your SharePoint Farm

SPTransformator scans your SharePoint Farm for full trust code and sandboxed customizations (.wsp), InfoPath Forms, SharePoint Designer Workflows, Content Editor Webparts and much more. It will show what has been customized and what is still in use. It will assess the impact the customizations have on your transformation and the possible potential roadblocks.

Estimate the Migration Efforts

After SPTransformator has analyzed the farm you can assess all the customizations, dependencies, usage and classifies their impact criticality and effort for a transformation. Each road present SPTransfomator explains the current implementation approach and suggests an alternative implementation to reduce the negative impact, as well as offer a guide to estimate the time and effort required for the transformation.

Learn the required Skills

SPTransformator provides you and your developers with a guidance, code samples and ready to use code tailored to the needs for the components in your migration project, so you can learn new customization approaches and avoid precious amounts of time lost searching for material to learn the best practices to complete your current task.

SPTransformator helps you to be a better SharePoint developer by giving you the chance to plan and learn new technologies for migrating your solution.

Manage your Projects and Track your Progress

SPTransformator offers the facility to manage and control all steps and phases of the transformation process, taking full use of the Kanban Board you can plan each individual customization artifact, tracking its state and understand the progress of the project in real time.

Transform your Declarative Code

SPTransformator can convert your code into one of the following languages:

  • Client Side Object Model (CSOM).
  • JavaScript Object Model (JSOM).
  • TypeScript.
  • PowerShell, SharePoint PnP CSOM, SharePoint PnP PowerShell, SharePoint PnP Provisioning Engine.
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx).


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