How to: Unlock Results in SPTransformator Version

Once you have performed an Analysis in SPTransformator and want to unlock your results you will need to first decide what to unlock, this is not a final decision as you can unlock the rest at a later date, you do not have to unlock your results immediately although this may be helpful, you can load up a previous scan and unlock. The options for unlocking are:

  • Unlock Assess.
  • Unlock Transform.
  • Unlock Both.

The process to unlock an option is the same. You need to obtain a Footprint then contact sales explaining what you want to unlock and provide your footprint.

Obtaining a Footprint.

As SPTransformator is a powerful tool for SharePoint Transformation, we have made the unlocking process very easy. 

Either, click on the "Unlock" button on the Assess Section. As shown below:


Or, click on Click the "Unlock" button on the Transform Section. As shown below:


This will display the footprint for the analysis.


You will need to contact sales and explain what you require, then copy the footprint using the "Copy to Clipboard" icon and send this to [email protected], along with confirmation what you require unlocking.

Unlocking your Analysis

You will receive an email from sales with your unlock key, this code will 32 characters long. If the "Unlock Assess" or "Unlock Transform" screens are still open from the steps above, then paste your key into the "Enter the unlock code" field and click the "Unlock" button. If the screens are not present then open them as detailed above.


Note: You do not need to go into Assess to unlock Assess and the same for Transform, both can unlock either sections or both.

After a short delay, your results will be unlocked depending on our requirements, opening up either Assess, Transform or both.



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