What method of Source Lines of Code Does SPCAF Use?

Before we mention which type method of Lines of Code (SLOC) SPCAF. The two types of SLOC are: 

  • Physical Source Lines of Code (LOC)
    • The simplest definition of this is the physical lines of code that are in the source code, excluding any comment lines. This method is often used as it is easiest to calculate.
  • Logical Lines of Code (LLOC)
    • The simplest definition of this is the number of executable statements present in the source code. This method is harder to calculate as the calculation can be dependent on the language being used.

Which methods does SPCAF use?

Both, the reason for using both versions of SLOC, is that they are relevant depending on what metrics you are wanting to measure. The SLOC measurements can be found in the Metrics Reports in SPCAF.


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