Release Notes - SPCAF (2017-06-28)

In this release Improvements made on how reports are called and further improvements to the rule list of SharePoint Framework (SPFx) and SPCAF.

New Features

  • Improve how Reports in SPCAF client behave when resizing the Window.
  • Update the user interface for report format selection.
  • Add the facility to utilized the "ignoregeneratedcode" parameter in FxCop.


  • Fixed an unexpected crash and Improved notification when trying to scan a locked file.
  • Fixed an issue where the Company Name was not being displayed on the PDF report.
  • Fixed an issue where Visual Studio was not linking to the right location for release notes.
  • Updated the Wording and Branding to Visual Studio.
  • SPM040201 : Corrected a false positive when the npm-shrinkwrap file is present in the project.
  • Fixed an issue with the Activation Window and Activate Link not showing.
  • SPM040201 : Fixed a spelling error on Rule.
  • Fixed the reported version in Control Panel.
  • Fixed an issue when using where reports were not created when using PowerShell or CommandLine and request report in lowercase (html,xml,docx or pdf).
  • Fixed display issue were "Release Notes Box" in "Dialogue Box" does not expand to show the release notes.
  • Fixed a display issue on the notes of "New Version Available" screen.
  • Running "gulp spcaf-nobuild" after "gulp build" now exits with warning.
  • Removed duplicated rule "Do not use inline code in ASPX pages".
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF010711 was not returning notification if two web parts had a similar name.
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF120701 was not being triggered on spkkg included in projects.
  • Fixed an issue where rule SPF010803 is not returning notification for web parts with a similar name.
  • Fixed spelling errors in documentation.
  • Fixed an issue with license transfer with Powershell.
  • Fixed an issue in the documentation where browsing on one page takes you to another.
  • Updated Footers to show current year for copyright.
  • Fixed an issue with Rule SPC060402 incorrectly flagging up .svg as not being an image file.
  • Fixed a display issue with "Requesting Activation License" window.

New Rules for SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

  • Security
    • SPF021301 : Project doesn't reference scripts from unapproved locations.
  • Best Practice
    • SPF050901 : Server hosting bundles supports CORS.
  • Performance
    • SPF120903 : Proxies should be able to cache the script.
    • SPF120904 : Script Served with an ETag.
    • SPF120905 : Script should be served using HTTP/2.
  • Correctness
    • SPF010802 : Don't use HttpClient to connect to SharePoint

New Metric Rules

  • Feature Elements
    • SPI027301: Provides information about deployed Master Pages.
    • SPI026901: Provides information about deployed Page Layouts.
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