How to: Unlock My Analyzed Solution Version 1

Once you have performed an analysis you will encounter the lock screen, where it shows a number of credits required to unlock the Analysis. If you have closed this screen down, you will need to load it back up by opening the results.

From the Home screen click on "Open Result".


 Navigate to the results you want to open. This is typically "%UserProfile%\Documents\Rencore\SPTransformator\TransformatorResults".

Note: Remember that the results file will be labeled as the filename, date and time of the file analyzed.

This will now load up the lock screen for the analysis. Here you will need to enter the Unlock Code, you received from Rencore and click "Unlock".  For More information on obtaining the Unlock Code please click here.


A confirmation screen will appear congratulating you on unlocking the Analysis. Click "View Report" to access the Analysis.


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