How to: Analyze in SPTransformator

SPTransformator is a client application that can be used to run an analysis of WSP files to assist in transforming them to the new development approaches. It gives you the opportunity to rethink your solution, learn modern technologies and become a better Sharepoint Developer.

The client application can be started from the start menu "SharePoint Transformator (SPTransformator)". The following screenshot shows the start screen of the client application.


Following functions are available:

Function Description
Home Brings you back to the start. 
Free Assessment Starts a new Free Assessment.
Analyze Solutions Starts a new Analysis without the Free Assessment.
Open Demo Results Opens a Demonstration of analysis including the analysis results.
Opens Results   Opens a recent analysis, performed on the current machine.

Start the Analysis

To run a SharePoint Transformator analysis, you can either click on "Free Assessment" or on "Analyze Solutions" to open up File Explorer which you will use to navigate to your to solution file.


When you click on "open" and you have selected a solution file, the analysis will start

Navigate Results

After the analysis, you will be present with either the unlock screen for the analysis if you ran "Analyze Solutions" or the "Free Assessment Report"

Analyze Solutions  SPTRANSFORMATOR-LOCK-SCREEN_1124x800.png

The top bar shows you the name and date/time when the analysis was performed.


Analyze Solutions

If you are faced with the unlock screen you will need to use credits to unlock the full analysis results or purchase credits to do so. Once this has been unlocked you will be left with the full analysis results. For More details please click here.

Free Assessment

The first section of the "Free Assessment" holds details about the license and the volume of credits required if you wanted to unlock the full analysis (running Analyze Solutions). Which is based on a number of Artifacts and the complexity to transform the .wsp.

The second section explains how to use the documentation, as a starting point to planning the conversion of the .wsp.

The third section shows the statics of the analysis and provides a graph to show the dependencies of on the .wsp.

The fourth section shows the discovered artifacts, breaks down the .wsp and categories the artifacts, it will those which can be transformed and the complexity of the transformations.

The fifth section shows the discovered Full Trust API Calls. It shows the detected calls to the SharePoint full trust API (server side code) inside assemblies. The distribution of full trust API calls, depending on their transformability to other technologies and the top 30 Unmappable Full Trust Calls.



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