How to: Apply and Activate SPCAF License in SPDocKit

This functionality is meant for use with SharePoint Framework projects.

Running SPCAF analysis of your SharePoint Framework project from SPDocKit allows you to stay productive and easily check if there are any issues with your project. If any issues are found you can quickly fix them. 

Note: Due to a .net framework 4.0 requirement, the integration of SPCAF with SPDocKit only supports SharePoint Versions SP2013 and SP2016. If SPDocKit is used in a SharePoint 2010 environment it will open .NET in 3.5 mode, which then does not call SPCAF.

Once you have installed the SPCAF plugin to SPDocKit, you will need to assign your SPCAF License and activate it within SPDockIt, in order to benefit from the full features from SPCAF.

Applying License

To apply a SPCAF license to SPDocKit plugin you will need to copy the License.lic to the <SPDocKit Installation Folder>/Extensions/SPCAF folder (typically C:\ProgramData\SPDockit\Extensions\SPCAF).

If the Extensions\SPCAF folder does not exist, create them and check that the SPCAF Plugin has been installed. For more details follow the details in the Knowledge Base article: How to: Install SPCAF in SPDocKit.

Activating License

Once the License.lic is in the corresponding folder, load up SPDockit, go to "Content & Usage" section on the left and then "SPCAF Reports". At this point, if you select any report you will be prompted with the following screen asking you to activate the license:

Simply click the [Activate you license] which will then provide a Challenge code that you need to copy and go to enter this code, your email address and you license. Once all parts have been entered click [Submit].

After a short delay, you will get an email which contains the activation code and an activation.caf file. Copy the file to the same location as the license.lic from the previous step (typically C:\Programdata\SPDocKit\Extensions\SPCAF).

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